Accessorizing STEADY STICK®

Accessorizing STEADY STICK®

Whether its Do It Yourself (DIY) or retail accessories, kayak anglers enjoy customizing their rigs. Accessorizing fishing kayaks exercises the skill of creative thinking, about what may enhance the on-water adventure. After all, its creative thinking that led to inventing STEADY STICK®.  

While STEADY STICK®'s primary functionality is providing balance assist when standing in select fishing kayaks, we are also kayak fishing enthusiasts too, and enjoy accessorizing!

We engineered STEADY STICK® with secondary functionality to make the standing experience the best it can be. Our handle and aluminum extending pole can receive a variety of retail products we'll explore further in this blog. 

How To Enable Accessorizing the Steady Stick® Handle

Pictured below is a top-down view of our balance assist pole where we integrated a removable 1/4"-20 threaded insert adaptor within the handle. 

Each STEADY STICK® also includes a longer 1/4"-20 x 1.5" threaded stud as some accessories may require a longer stud. Note: To switch out the pre-installed 1/4"-20 adaptor simply slide the rubber handle off and unscrew it. 

Next, let's explore various examples below. Some accessories showcased below we sell directly on our website, while others we don't, but like them so much we recommend you check them out! 

Action Cameras

While there are so many great camera mount products already on the market, if interested in a different perspective you can also use the STEADY STICK® handle. 

You'll simply need your favorite action camera and corresponding camera mount connector that accepts a 1/4"-20 stud. 

Phone Holder Example (Quad Lock Case and Mount)

Quad Lock's variety of cycle mounts easily fit either our lower handle or the plastic bushing of the balance assist pole, and allows ones preference of vertical or horizontal phone positioning. 

If you are someone who prefers to video record with a phone instead of an action camera this is a highly recommended setup. Checkout the pictures below of it set up in various ways with our product. 

For additional information on Quad Lock's products visit their cycle mount section at

Steady Stick® Cup Holder

If interested in having your favorite beverage close to you while standing then check out our cup holder. It simply clamps on to our Balance Assist Pole and what makes this cupholder so great is it uses a spring loaded design to help keep a variety of cup or bottle sizes held secure. To learn more about our cup holder click the following link:

Steady Stick® Utility Basket

If in need of extra storage within arms length while standing check out our Utility Basket. It simply clamps on to our Balance Assist Pole and offers enough storage for tackle or photography gear. To learn more about our utility basket click the following link:

Steady Stick® Clip-on Fan

This small but powerful rechargeable 6 inch diameter fan easily clamps to the Steady Stick® balance assist pole providing long lasting adjustable airflow. Perfect for those warmer days on the water! To learn more about our utility basket click the following link:

I hope you enjoyed reading these suggestions and look forward to seeing how you accessorize STEADY STICK®.

Tag us on Instagram using @steady_stick and #standandfishconfidently in your social media posts to show us how you accessorize. 

Best regards, 

W. Rigler | Steady Stick® Inventor & Owner