Frequently Asked Questions


STEADY STICK® offers innovative balance assist products providing kayak anglers an additional point-of-contact when in a standing position.

What are we solving with this product?

To stand and fish confidently on select fishing kayaks by simplifying traditional four point stability assist products to improve usability. The current market offerings are bulky, in the way, and take up too much space on the kayak.

Who is this product for?

Anyone looking for balance assist when standing to catch their first fish, or new personal best, they can Stand and Fish Confidently with STEADY STICK®.

How was this product developed?

All of our standing balance assist products have been designed and precisely engineered by a reputable US product development company. 

How is this product different than traditional four-point stability assist products?

We are the first balance assist product within the fishing kayak accessories market to simplify the traditional four-point connection down to one on select fishing kayaks.

What are STEADY STICK®'s features?
  • Comfortable handle with threaded insert for accessorizing
  • Anodized black aluminum for all-weather durability and to reduce glare
  • One hand height adjustability system
  • Kayak specific connections for precise and frictionless fit
  • Hardwearing stainless steel connection hardware
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Buoyant when 3/4th extended
  • Designed and assembled in the USA
  • U.S. PATENT No. 11,904,987.
Does STEADY STICK® have competitors?

Traditional four-point stability assist products.

What are STEADY STICK®'s competitive advantages?
  • Minimal off-water assembly 
  • One hand on-water deployment
  • Kayak gear tracks remain usable for other accessories
  • Simplified design allows all casting and reeling styles
  • Unobstructed paddling and sight lines with deployed
  • Best-in-class height adjustability
  • Stows away in select retail paddle and fishing rod holders
    How do you properly use STEADY STICK®

    Use when already in a standing position on kayak floor surface, gunwales, or seat platform to assist maintaining balance by holding the handle; creating a steady additional point-of-contact.

      Is STEADY STICK® patented?

      Yes. U.S. PATENT No. 11,904,987.

      Is STEADY STICK® affiliated with the kayaks it is made for?


      What fishing kayaks are you developing STEADY STICK® for?

      We have chosen to begin with the OldTown PDL Drive System™ kayaks.

      Our aspirations are to make STEADY STICK® for additional fishing kayaks as well. 

      How do I contact STEADY STICK®

      Address: STEADY STICK LLC, 9935D Rea Rd. #421, Charlotte, NC 28277