Product Overview

Our STEADY STICK® product line is the first in the fishing kayak market to simplify the traditional four-point connection down to one through our balance assist pole and kayak specific connection components. 

STEADY STICK® for select kayak pedal drive systems

Starting at the top, the balance assist pole has a comfortable handle integrated with a removable 1/4"-20 threaded insert for select retail accessorizing. Be sure to read our dedicated blog post on how to accessorize Steady Stick®.

The balance assist pole is aluminum and anodized black for all-weather use. It is also height adjustable up to approximately 3ft. when fully extended. 

At the midway point of the balance assist pole you'll find a one handed clamping system to lock at the desired height when standing. The clamp is integrated into a custom injection molded thermoplastic outer bushing for clamping connection strength and durability.  

In addition to a custom outer bushing we also added an injection molded plastic inner bushing atop the inner pole. The purpose of both bushings is so the outer and inner aluminum tubes extend or retract smoothly. 

At the bottom of the inner balance assist pole is a welded in threaded insert that enables connection to the pedal drive components we'll review next. 

There are three primary pedal drive connection components:

  • Top Housing
  • Right Side Housing
  • Left Side Housing

The Top Housing is made of injection molded plastic and is integrated with a bolt to enable fastening the balance assist pole on and off. 


To ensure a perfect connection we 3D scanned the pedal drive.



The Side Housing's are made out of injection molded plastic as well for durability and strength when connected to the pedal drive. 

Each purchase comes with connection hardware and hex key for tightening.